Frequently asked questions

What is a tokenized investment product?

A tokenized investment is your investment in an illiquid alternative product, turned into digital shares of that product, in the form of a digitally-issued token.

What is the purpose of the tokenizing process?

Tokenizing your investment allows you to then go onto an exchange and sell that token to an interested buyer. As alternative investments tend to be illiquid, the purpose is to help you, as an investor, remain liquid at all times.

How do you use blockchain?

We use a blockchain in the form of Smart Securities technology.

Transaction/investment information is stored on a completely transparent, yet ultra-secure and immutable ledger on the blockchain. This also serves to leave an audit trail.

That info can be shared and updated real-time while maintaining its integrity and confidentiality.

How do I vet the fund managers I am investing with?

We make sure you meet the fund managers in the form of online videos, live podcasts, webinars, etc.

Can I access/check the progress of my investment?


What methodology do you use to maintain compliance?

Our partners send compliance reports (KYC/AML) automatically with the information you have provided.

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